“I have taken civil society as we know it, broadened its meaning and scope, gave it the name civil society on a global scale, and made it vital and relevant.

I coined the phrase ‘civil society on a global scale’, because I feel that it best describes my work.

I would briefly describe civil society on a global scale, as highly developed societies and cultures around the world where all people enjoy the benefits of a high standard of living, health, and quality of life. And that those societies on a global scale be safe, compassionate, kind, caring, polite, courteous, and respectful. Along with other strong and attractive virtues like trust, honesty, tolerance, and understanding.

I believe that humanity and the environment are linked and as such, civil society is enhanced if the environment is developed to a point where it provides a healthy, therapeutic and pleasing place in which the world’s people, other life forms, and plant life co-exist. Then, I feel, we have the perfect balance.”


 ''I have written much on this subject, but the fact is we have two major assets, humanity and the world, our environment. It is our job and our responsibility to get the best for, and from, both.
Investing in those two major assets is the wisest investment decision the world of investment, governments, leaders and others in positions of trust, as well as investors in general, will ever make.
Humanity deserves it; it is a priority.

If we do not look after each other, we all suffer, but if we do look after each other we all benefit"


By Liz Greenwell

Copyright Elizabeth Greenwell ( April 1994)


The World is Watching, the World is listening

As nations battle and fight

Is anybody there,does anybody care,

That babies will not see the night?


Through their screams and their cries

Lost hope in their eyes, life slowly seeping away

With not even a start, how we feel torn apart

Nothing to do now but pray.


In a moment so brief,thirst, starvation and grief

Babies have cried one last time.

Here for only a while, never learned how to smile

Whose actions caused such a crime?


Will they stop tomorrow and end all this sorrow

Or is power all they crave?

When they sit down to dine, will they bow for a time

For babies so cold and grave?


Can their lives be fulfilled when so many are killed

Whose heart can say yes to this?

They may think they can switch

From the tokens they pitch, into an ignorant bliss.


The actions of a few put multitudes through

Pain, fragmentation and loss

Amidst the destruction and downright disruption

It seems they don't care for us.


War babies are flowers with lives of just hours

Their birthright gone in a flash.

Are we warm, are we real, have we souls void of feel

Is life less precious than cash?


We can turn this around  with just one striking sound-

A united cry for peace!

With so many uniting to stop all the fighting

The wars will rapidly cease.


The world's a fine canvas and we are the artists

Our mark forever we'll place.

Did we colour or taint when we started to paint

As one of the human race?

















By Liz Greenwell

(Copyright  Liz Greenwell February 2008)


There's a wonderful sanctuary

Along the pathways of my mind.

I go there for a visit,

When the world seems too harsh and unkind.


Now I'm walking through dappled woodlands,

Refreshing crunch beneath my feet.

Soft rain....I'm in Ireland,

Where memories, hopes, and dreams all meet.


My companion is a camera,

The one that is inside my head.

Been taking its own pictures,

And from it this story can be read.


The morning glows of lavish  sunrise,

Creating shades of colours gold.

Cares seem very distant now,

As the wild flowers softly unfold.


The sunrise changes its colour phase,

To peach, purple, and silver hues.

Awesome is a woodland walk,

Sweet is the air of its morning dew.


Daybreak's a musical performance,

Reaching a perfect crescendo.

The country slowly stirring,

To the buzz and sounds we all know.


Not far is a small ancient city,

Home where my family began.

I'm charmed by one of the bards,

Waxing  lyrical as Irish can.


With untamed exuberant gesture,

He asks where would I like to go.

Art, music, architecture,

Plus  more, picks me up if feeling low.


Pleasing enchants bring joy to my heart,

My sanctuary I now leave.

Intellectual exchange,

Spirits restored, Yes I still believe!


Evening sunset mellows everywhere,

Skies of soft plum,red cherry folds.

An ever changing beauty,

Many art forms have turned into gold.



WWW. World Without War.

By Liz Greenwell

(Copyright Liz Greenwell April 2007- January 2008)              


Starlight,moonlight,beacons and beams,

Shining a light and following our dreams.

Remember that loving embrace without strings,

A depth of support that humanity brings.


Tom freezing on the Arctic Circle's  ice

Crashing his dreams on a bright yellow bike.

With persistence and courage, he gets it right,

It's taken huge effort to keep goals in sight.


Dreams of a broader scope, a lengthy process,

Can work all your life for balance and justice,

Individuals champion and express,

The way they see the world and its fairness.


Suppression binds us in invisible string,

But always hold fast to that message you bring.

Stars now dazzle and sparkle inside a whale,

Silence cries.....whoever heard of stars in jail?


Can't pick gorgeous little flowers,

Tenderly growing on the ice,

But the world without malice would be so wise.


Can't float way up on a moon cloud,

Or dance on the azure Red Sea,

But we can build our world without poverty.


Can't sail a boat to planet Mars,

Or walk along peach berry skies,

But we can all see the world through peaceful eyes.


Knock and see doors of the world open wide,

People from everywhere gathered inside.

Please come in is the message they'll send,

We don't live in a world without mend.


Europe, ah...Europe, how you make my heart sing,

Stunning,exquisite,I hear chimes and bells ring.

I want to visit you and savour delights,

Your buildings majestic, that light up the night.


Asia exotic , you make my soul go zing,

Colourful,hard working and so exciting.

Bustling and busy, yet quiet grace abounds,

Joy is here in your fragrance,tastes,sights and sounds.


The North of Africa, and the Middle East,

Your cultures so rich, and your markets a feast.

Orchids and roses may give pleasure so fine,

But to warmth of your friendship, the world inclines.


Africa splendorous,dignified and tall,

Amid lands that are parched,a challenge to all,

Sunsets on Africa, pretty in the world,

With rich colour magnificent ; who needs words?


America, America, USA

So many states, but of this one I must say.....

New York, sensational,vibrant jewel bright,

Aerial views over Manhattan by night.


Oceania with nations, great and small,

Australia being the largest of all.

Youthful, mature,sophisticated and fun,

Your flair and panache and your oh so hot sun.


The world is a treasure - North, South, East and West,

And is far too precious to be a conquest.

Generous hearts will build a future that's bright,

World Without War is our basic human right.


Humanity rich and diverse holds the key,

To change the world's thinking and philosophy.

Can all of us build a sound structure for PEACE,

Trust built together should see all the wars cease.












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