Kilkenny County Council was first elected in 1231. Since the making of her film, No Chance to Paint the Canvas, the Council and recent mayors of Prof. Liz Greenwell's birthplace -Paul Cuddihy, Martin Noonan and David Fitzgerald- have supported her in her lifelong works for humanity and the environment.


Hi Liz,

As the current Mayor of Kilkenny, I would be delighted to assist you in any way I can in the making of your documentary and on your research visit to Kilkenny. We are always delighted to welcome home one of our own citizens. If there are specific proposals that you want to put to me, please do not hesitate to forward an email. In the meantime, best of luck with your project and documentary.


Kind regards,


Cllr David FitzGerald,

Mayor of Kilkenny.



Professor Liz Greenwell has written, "I believe that humanity and the environment are linked and as such, civil society is enhanced if the environment is developed to a point where it provides a healthy, therapeutic and pleasing place in which the world's people, other life forms, and plant life co-exist. Then, I feel, we have the perfect balance. "

As part of the implementation and extension of her overall global vision of Watering the Fields of Humanity worldwide:  Liz is delighted to collaborate with Taya Chakarisa, head of Zimbabwe's Tetrad Tree Foundation, towards the reforestation of the African continent. Please click on the photo below right for further details; and for the slideshow below, please click on images to enlarge.















The Global Cooperation Day Team, and visitors to our website, are in for a treat and a privilege - the full text of Allan Savory's opening address to the recent Savory Institute London Conference. We warmly thank  Allan for kindly sharing this with us.

You can read Allan's preview of an exciting new global paradigm- the age of Holistic Management, by clicking on Allan's photo to the left.

In addition Allan says, "the Savory Institute is currently engaged in large-scale restoration projects with partners around the globe including China, Turkey, UAE, Kuwait, and Swaziland, New Zealand,  Continental USA (multiple), and Hawaii. These projects account for hundreds of thousands of acres being managed and restored under Holistic Planned Grazing"





Dunia Song - ENE
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The artist ENE, a trained physician, has recently approached Prof. Liz Greenwell and the The Global Cooperation Day Team, with an offer to participate.


ENE is interviewed here by DUNIA Magazine. Dunia is the Swahili word for "World".

To read her interview, click on the image below.


Dr. Supriya Joshi, Bollywood Playback singer & Classical Indian Music Specialist. - Dr. Joshi will present and compose a

Hindi-Sanskrit Musical Epic of Prof. Liz Greenwell's life and work for the upcoming film-


Endorsement of Allan Savory by 





From Taya: 
"The Zimbabwe National Army and Tetrad Tree Foundation planted trees with children living with disability at St Giles Rehabilitation School in Harare Zimbabwe

Thank You For Expressing Your Interest and Support 


" I'm Ranya Ben, Professor Liz Greenwell's adviser to the French-speaking and Arabic-speaking communities...You will see me on Prof. Greenwell's film Watering the Fields of Humanity...

The Greatest Example of Global Cooperation Ever Committed to Celluloid."

Audio Below:

"Can we all of us together, water the fields of humanity, and bring about a harvest so great, that it will take the world to pick the fruit, a harvest that is civil society? I think we can.

~ Liz Greenwell, April 1994, from her lifelong work, and ongoing writings." 

Recorded in English; French and Arabic, by RANYA BEN:


For Watering the Fields of Humanity, Ranya will present and narrate on the culture and customs of the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula, France and Monaco. These are places particularly close to Prof. Liz Greenwell's heart, growing up as she did in a multicultural home in London.......

Prof. Liz Greenwell-More Arabic and French Translation. - Ranya Ben
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Gloria Waslyn, from Parrots for Peace

The Saint Francis Band

FARMER TANTOH - ASHOKA FELLOW FROM CAMEROON - HELPS IMPLEMENT AND EXTEND PROF. LIZ GREENWELL'S MAGNIFICENT CONCEPT OF WATERING THE FIELDS OF HUMANITY; IN THE VILLAGES OF HIS HOME COUNTRY - Please click on Farmer Tantoh's image below to see how  this world-renowned specialist in grassroots water-supply , water-treatment and water-protection - naturally gets, and lives, the principles Prof. Liz had in mind when she initiated Global Cooperation Day. 

Farmer Tantoh Slideshow


                                          ITALIAN MASTER CHEF!

Master Chef Luigi Luigino Pero, from Italy, Asti, has invented this special cake for the Global Cooperation Day, here the recipt. ENJOI LIFE. Semifreddo limone e mandorla con bisquit all’arancia

Per una torta di diametro 22cm

N° 2 bisquit nella ricetta classica ma aromatizzata con la scorza di un’arancia biologica grattugiata. 1 tagliato di diametro 22 e l’altro di diam 20

240 gr di zucchero

500 gr di panna fresca

80 gr di tuorlo d’uovo

120 gr di albume d’uovo

N° 3 cucchiai d’acqua


La scorza grattugiata di 2 limoni

50 gr di mandorle in pasta

Esecuzione :

in un pentolino sul fuoco portare ad ebollizione 60 gr di zucchero, i 3 cucchiai d’acqua ed il succo di 1 limone fino a 115 °. Nel frattempo in una sbattitrice sbattete gli albumi a neve. Quando lo zucchero sarà a temperatura incorporatelo a filo negli albumi cosi da fare una meringa all’italiana

a parte sbattete i tuorli con 70 gr di zucchero e la vaniglia ed infine montate la panna morbida col restante zucchero,

amalgamate senza frustare tutti i componenti e poi dividete il tutto in 2 ciotole. Ad una unite la scorza di limone ed all’altra la mandorla in pasta. Prendete un disco a cerniera di 22 cm di diametro ed iniziate a montare la torta. Sul fondo il dico di bisquit da 22 cm, poi la crema alla mandorla. Sopra il secondo bisquit ed infine la crema al limone. Una volta pronta mettete in freezer per almeno 1 giorno.

Scongelate circa 3 ore prima di servire e decorare a piacere.




Ingredients for a cake 22 cm round size:

N°2 classical bisquit flavoured with a raped biological orange zest. one 22 cm round size and one 20 cm round size

240 gr of sugar

500 gr fresh cream

80 gr of egg yolk 

120 gr of egg white 

N° 3 table spoon of water


2 lemon’s raped zest

50 gr of mashed almond


in a pan, bring to boil 60 grams of sugar, 3 tablespoons of water and the juice of 1 lemon up to 115 °. Meanwhile in a Beating beat the egg whites. When the sugar is at temperature wire to incorporate it in the egg whites so as to make an Italian meringue .

in part, beat the egg yolks with 70 grams of sugar and the vanilla and then whip soft the cream with the remaining sugar , 

amalgamate without whipping all the components and then divide the whole into 2 bowls. At one add the lemon zest and the other with the almond paste. Take a ring mould of 22 cm in diameter and begin to assemble the cake. On the bottom a disc bisquit of 22 cm, up the almond cream. Above the second bisque and finally the lemon cream. Once ready put in the freezer for at least 1 day. 

Thaw about 3 hours before serving and decorate as desired.

Godfrey Segirinya, Founder, Kanabulemu Orphanage, pays tribute to Prof. Liz Greenwell, and announces Global Cooperation Day on Ugandan Radio....


Global Cooperation Day Broadcast - Kanabulemu Orphanage Uganda
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Click on audio link for radio announcement and click on icon for Kanabulemu Orphanage Presentation.


Introducing Ahmed Moorea,

OneBeat 2014 Fellow.

Oud Player, Baghdad, Iraq.

Ahmed Moorea was introduced to Prof. Liz Greenwell by Ahmed Janabi, Iraqi Ambassador of World Merit.

Ahmed Moorea is a 24-year-old oud player and composer from Baghdad, Iraq. A self-taught musician, he studied accounting and economics at Baghdad College while practicing the oud prodigiously. After watching YouTube videos and training for hours each day, Ahmed began to compose on his instrument, which eventually led him to the great honor of performing for the masterful Nasser Shamma, one of the most renowned oud players in Iraq. Ahmed often performs free concerts at orphanages and homes for disabled citizens, as well as volunteers at community centers in Baghdad. Recently, he co-founded music outreach organization Aalam Mobdi'a (Innovated World) to empower youth and cultivate emerging talent.


Ahmed Moorea is a Fellow of OneBeat.

OneBeat is an incubator for music-based social entrepreneurship, where innovative musicians from around the world launch collaborative projects designed to make a positive impact on local and global communities. An initiative of the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs in collaboration with the groundbreaking New York-based music organization Bang on a Can's Found Sound Nation, OneBeat employs collaborative original music as a potent new form of cultural diplomacy.

Creator of Iraqi heritage (Nazem al-Ghazali) - Ahmed Moorea

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