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Jennifer Dawn Anderson-Bounds profiles Prof. Liz Greenwell and Global Cooperation Day, for two American newspapers, both part of the Arkansas Press Association.

Dr. Rich Sapienza, World Expert and Leading American Scientist,

Relates Canticle of the Sun by St Francis, to Cutting-Edge Science and Technology: 

Dr. Rich Sapienza has over 20 years of program management experience and 25 years developing new materials and new methods of materials analysis.  Dr. Sapienza has a broad background in process chemistry applied to industrial processes. His innovative efforts have resulted in a new metal winning process; homogeneous and heterogeneous high activity catalysts for fuels and hydrogen production; approaches to diesel soot reduction and new bio-based deicing and dielectric fluids. The National Research Council as a future “benchmark discovery in catalysis” has recognized his homogeneous methanol patent.


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In addition to his R&D experience, Dr. Sapienza has lectured at the university level, has authored over 40 publications and patents and has been an invited speaker at universities, professional meetings, conferences and symposia.  He has also contributed to television and radio programs and his work has been featured in newspapers and magazines. In addition to his fuel work, Dr. Sapienza has lead several teams assessing new technology and organized technical teams for a business strategy for pollution reduction and hazardous materials minimization and the commercial development of space.


As co-founder of METSS, a small R&D business, Dr. Sapienza had the leading role to develop capabilities and establish strategic alliances to position METSS as a viable player in the development, testing, and commercialization of innovative technologies.  Under his leadership, METSS grew to 30 employees with over $6 million per year of contract research and three major commercialization projects. He has fostered participation partnerships, internal team building, staff mentoring, and hiring consultants. By creating an open atmosphere of communication and interaction between scientific and engineering personnel with a defined applied catalysis and industrial ecology strategy, he has managed innovation, practiced tech transfer, and has acted as an information specialist spotting and placing new technology.



We are delighted with the responses and approaches from all over the world, to explore and discuss Prof. Liz Greenwell's world view: "We have two major assets, humanity and the world, our environment. It is our job and our responsibility to get the best for, and from, both."

 Prof. Greenwell has chosen the Feast Day of  St. Francis, October 4, to celebrate her message of Global Cooperation with the world. As she has written for October 4: "Today, I am reaching out to everyone, everywhere, wherever you are in the world, from the most remote parts of the world to the most populous nations; to help me achieve that, and to inspire you to make that global vision your aim too."

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People from all around the world have happily responded to, and engaged with, Prof. Greenwell's aim. She and her friends are building the momentum of Global Cooperation all year long. This leads to an intersection of Franciscan spirituality, science, technology, investment, education, art, music, film... the message of Prof. Liz Greenwell, the spirit of St Francis, bringing about "a harvest so great, it will take the world to pick the fruit."

Billboard #1 Artist - Gregory Abbott:


"I've gathered up all the positive energy I can generate, and I'm sending it out to everybody listening to this broadcast in the name of global cooperation. Namaste to Liz Greenwell for the important work she is doing.

This is Gregory Abbott."


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