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By Professor Liz Greenwell




A brief background to myself, Executive Professor Liz Greenwell  at  Energime University; and Executive Director of Global Social Development Initiatives for the Energime Family of Companies.


Early childhood poverty, along with many other experiences that followed, sowed the seeds that set me on a pathway to significant change. The experience of early childhood poverty had a profound effect on me. It sharpened and heightened my senses. I became an observer of people, faces, places and all that surrounded me.


I am driven by originality and uniqueness. And in beating out that pathway to significant change, in the way in which we think, and in how we view life and living, man and society, the human condition, and how we treat each other and our environment: I have always throughout my work set out to break new ground, and as a result, have become a pioneer of new initiatives.


Some of these initiatives include:


Two programs I have designed and entitled:


•  World Resource Analysis Point, (WRAP) and; World Major Disaster Rescue and Relief Center, (WMDRRC).


These programs have been designed to be the model for global social, economic and environmental growth, development and advancement.

This means putting the mechanisms in place in order to ensure that all essential services and amenities are available around the world; wherever there is a deficit in water supply, food, quality housing, power, sanitation, efficient refuse disposal; transport, resource management, hospitals,  and education:

Along with other areas of infrastructural and environmental development, leading to raised standards of living, quality of life, health and well-being and disease control. And any other areas leading to high-level global social, economic and environmental growth, development and advancement, as well as other aspects built into the programs.


The plan being to start in countries where there is extreme and urgent need, create the means for self-sufficiency, employment, tourism, hospitality, and exchange etc: Then continuing on in this manner of infrastructural and environmental development and enhancement through the rest of the world. While building up the kind of friendship and relations between countries, that leads to a fair, just, honest, lucrative and thriving worldwide economy.  And at the same time, fostering, encouraging and widening the pathways to greater Global Cooperation, understanding and peace throughout the world.

And ultimately, to severing once and for all that continuous thread in history's two extremes: Peace in the shadows of endless war, and endless poverty surrounded by plenty.


▪  Social, Ethical, and Responsible Investment.


To attract funding for my plans for global social, economic and environmental growth, development and advancement, I have introduced the world of investment to widespread Social, Ethical and Responsible Investment in and for the benefit of our two greatest assets, humanity and our environment, world-wide.

As a result, major infrastructural and environmental developments are currently being negotiated.


 The World's First Film about Civil Society on a Global Scale, entitled  No Chance to Paint the Canvas.


I wrote, produced, designed and directed the world's first film about civil society on a global scale, entitled No Chance to Paint the Canvas, which I wrote in April 1994. I received a medal from St. John Paul II, which is now categorized as a Holy Relic, following St John Paul II's canonization. No Chance to Paint the Canvas has been certified by the New Zealand Film Commission.


▪  Global Cooperation Day.


I initiated Global Cooperation Day:


- To introduce myself and my work to the world;

- For the reasons that I have pointed out above;

- To be an annual event, for the purpose of reaching people everywhere, from the most remote parts of the world to the most populous nations.  And to invite them to come together on the official Global Cooperation Day website to show their support. Thereby creating an historic occasion, by displaying the world's largest expression of unity and support for the cause of fostering, encouraging, and spreading Global Cooperation, understanding and peace throughout the world; in working together to bring about a better world and society for all people.


And the belief that Global Cooperation Day will play a major part in the implementation and extension of my  life-long works, ongoing writings, all-around  philosophy, and overall global vision of Watering the Fields of Humanity Worldwide.

Watering the Fields of Humanity is the title I have given my upcoming film, and takes its name from the following quote written by me in April 1994:


"Can we, all of us together, water the fields of humanity, and bring about a harvest so great, that it will take the world to pick the fruit, a harvest that is civil society? I think we can. "


Recently appointed to Executive Professor at Energime University, and Executive Director of Global Social Development Initiatives for the Energime Family of Companies:

I am greatly honored to be the recipient of such high-level recognition and support from Energime University, and the Energime Family of Companies. My appointments with the largest humanitarian corporation in the world, will, I am certain, be of mutual benefit to all of our endeavors concerning the overall good of our two greatest assets, humanity and our environment.


Global Cooperation Day 2014 (4 October) official website


Thank you.


Professor Liz Greenwell

Professor Liz Greenwell's Biography.

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